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David Pringle has worked for a number of years in the commercial hotel and hospitality sector and believes that it is his attention to the smallest detail that is responsible for his success.


He believes that in pursuit of the highest quality of finished product that nothing should be a compromise.


Arte-couture only use deep museum bars to stretch canvases which are available in sizes up to 1525mm x 1017mm (60 x 40 inches).


Every print is uniquely numbered and sold with a personal certificate of provenance.

"I've known David for many years - right back to the days when he worked as a Hotel Manager developing his passion for photography whilst travelling around the world. I'd always marvel at his keen eye for detail and was one of the first to buy a sample of his commercial work. Since then I've commissioned my very own piece which was completed within the agreed time-scale and budget."


Bill Ward, North East Commercial Brand Manager, Mill Volvo

"It's obvious David has spent time looking around at what was available and then set off to improve on what he offers clients. A friend pointed me in his direction when I was stuck for a unique gift idea for our wedding anniversary and I was surprised to learn that I could have something totally individual at a very reasonable price."


Malcolm Roberts, Teesside

"With the encouragement of friends and family I was pleased to see David take what is a real talent and also his passion to pursue his dream and set up arte-couture. I'm amazed to see how colourful and vibrant his work actually is and was interested to see how the technology that is available allows him to create new, high-definition pictures and print them at a size where they can't fail to impress."


Mandy Mitchell, Durham

"Having recently moved I was at a loss for something that would do the lounge area in my new home justice. It's a big space but I didn't want something run-of-the-mill like a large mirror, it was Dave's idea to produce a series of images from the journey up the farm-track to my home. The results are truly exceptional and friends always comment on the smallest detail being captured - things they hadn't seen on the journey themselves. Well done arte-couture."


Beryl Anderson, North Yorkshire





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